What is Past Life Regression?

white waterlillies 2 CWPast life regression is a technique of relaxation and introspection in which one gains insight into information largely inaccessible to the conscious mind. Part meditation, part hypnosis, past life regression quiets the conscious mind and asks the soul to provide information.  When clients engage in past life regression, they usually encounter stories in which they are the star player in a different role than they have in their current life. Most people see these “movies” as lives they have lived before, on Earth, other planets, or other dimensions. Sometimes, the stories illustrate a potential in the future. Some people don’t accept the stories as their own past or parallel lives, but see how the stories illustrate lessons or insights they need to learn now. Regardless of your approach, you can find past life regression beneficial.Columns edited_1 CW

Past life regression can provide the back-story that often places our current lives into a broader perspective. Current events look different when placed in the perspective of past wrongs and karmic learning. Current loves could be revealed as loved ones from many lives back or shown as new life participants bringing the breath of fresh beginnings.

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