More than a Past Life – Reaching Wisdom

Many people want to know their life’s purpose or mission. They seek information about their health, future jobs, and career goals. Much of this information can be gathered during the meditative/trance state used in past life regression. Using the Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique (QHHT) Karel learned personally from Dolores Cannon, she normally takes clients on a review of two to four past lives (depending upon depth of review and duration of life), before suggesting clients access more information than just their past lives.

Of course, this is a co-creative process – dependent upon the cooperative efforts of the regressionist and the regressed. Each session is very individual, depending upon the client’s needs and abilities.

Using QHHT, clients are often able to allow review the past lives through a conversation with their subconscious, soul, or spirit guides, to receive help placing the events in the context of their current lives and much more. Which source of wisdom gets accessed during the session often depends upon the client’s level of spiritual awakening.

Some clients visit the “life between lives” referenced by Michael Newton. They can visit their soul group, the Temple of Healing, the Library (Akashic records) or the council which prepared them for a specific life. Each client’s experience is unique, depending upon what that client requests and what the session shows the client needs. Click [here] to see some of the information accessed by others during their sessions.

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