Clearing Patterns or Limitations with QHHT

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If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you know that your energy vibration draws to it events and people of a like vibration. What happens when your vibration brings you situations that are of a lower vibration than you prefer? If you feel like most things are okay, but there are specific areas… Continue reading Clearing Patterns or Limitations with QHHT

What Makes for a Successful Regression/QHHT Session?

The Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique (QHHT) session (past life regression) taps into your past life memories through a connection with your soul. People who meditate or consider themselves to be very intuitive are the best candidates, because they use this connection every day. You may not meditate, but you have a knack for understanding your… Continue reading What Makes for a Successful Regression/QHHT Session?

Frequently Asked Questions for Past Life Regressions (PLR)


I want to look at past lives, but I'm afraid that I'll be traumatized when I go through the death of my prior life. Can you make that easier? If necessary, Karel gives calming and hypnotic suggestions during the session that you will observe the scenes but not feel the associated trauma. I don't believe… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions for Past Life Regressions (PLR)

Are You an Experienced Lightworker?


If you are a Lightworker called to contribute at this time, you may be established in your path and doing the work. But you may feel that you can reach higher, do more, and be better supported in your work. You could be feeling a bit depleted and weary. Here are some ways Karel can… Continue reading Are You an Experienced Lightworker?

Are you a budding Lightworker?

  Many recognize that they have been called to awaken during this lifetime, and they are responding to the call. Yet they sometimes struggle with attaining their life’s purpose and wonder how to find the ease and flow they want on their life’s path. If you feel like you could use a boost, here’s some… Continue reading Are you a budding Lightworker?