What is a Soul Tapestry?

How do your past lives affect you now? Would knowing about your past lives help you make see trends in your current life, so that you can address issues from a larger perspective? Would you understand your relationships better?

Each life we lead is another thread in the cosmic tapestry of lives. Just as we’re a piece of the cosmic tapestry, winding our way through the lives of others, we have a personal tapestry that our soul weaves, life after life. Each lifetime, whether taking place in the past, concurrently, or in the future, adds another thread to the tapestry that represents our soul. Seen alone, the way a thread or life weaves may not make sense; seen in the context of the entire fabric or our soul’s development, it offers a different perspective. Each thread can contain several colors and work to complete different segments of the fabric. Perhaps some lifetimes contain more dark undertones and some contain light overtones; more than likely, each lifetime contains a mixture of both. With each lifetime, we add to the larger picture of our soul and may be ready to see ourselves as more than a physical body and more than a single life.

It helps to gain the perspective of the larger tapestry. By looking at our lives from a higher level, some actions no longer seem as important; others gain in importance. Some actions change more than our lives, they change the lives of others. Some actions can impact a nation, a culture, or a planet. But which ones make the difference? Sometimes looking at your life as a piece of the larger picture can bring the perspective we all need.  Past life regression can show us the larger picture and put events in the perspective of the Creator, rather than our more limited Earthly sight. Understanding the big picture of our soul’s development, our lessons, and our successes can inspire us to move forward in ways that we may not otherwise have the confidence to do.

Karel Hadacek is a trained professional providing past life regressions and spiritual counseling in the Denver/Boulder, Colorado metropolitan area. Click [here] for more information about her or to contact her.


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