Here’s what clients have said about their experience with Embers of Light:

May you find respite here
May you find respite here

Regarding a past life regression: “After viewing five lives, I moved through the death experience to the Other Side (Heaven or whatever you want to call it). There, I met my Council, visited the Temple of Healing and had many questions answered that will help me live a more spiritually whole and fulfilling life. …It was a wild ride….”  – Pilot; Morrison, Co.

Follow-up after Noetic Integration: “Whatever I wanna manifest comes. It’s almost overwhelming. And my intuition went up a notch.” – Project Manager; Highlands Ranch, Co.

Regarding energy work: “Danika’s clearing work was phenomenal…. She said so many things that got me thinking about some new things I want to start doing with my biz.” –  Animal Communicator; Highlands Ranch, Co.


Follow-up after Noetic Integration: “Everything seemed clearer there for the next few days. I’m doing well now and I’m grateful for the healing that took place last week.” – Reflexologist; North Denver, Co.

Regarding a past life regression: “Throughout this experience, I could feel all kinds of intense energies coursing through my body, and building with the event. …The intensity of the energy was … almost more than I felt I could handle. There felt like there was a release very deep and very far into me, a place I wasn’t even aware of, where something needed to be cleaned and cleansed.” –  Graphic Designer, Denver, Co.

Regarding Karel’s energy work: “I am feeling so good today.  Nothing seems to really get to me at work today.  One of my co-workers even said you are different today, why? … I felt lighter and happier last night after and it is still carrying thru today.  Thank you so much.”  – Medical Office Administrator; Arvada, Co.

Follow-up after Noetic Integration: “Karel is a gifted channel and her healing work is powerful. I was astounded by the strength of the energies experienced during our sessions and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She brings so much wisdom, integrity, love and care into her work.  I admire and love her as a person and I feel grateful for knowing  her and her wonderful family.” – Entrepreneur; Denver, Co.

aspen groveRegarding Karel’s energy work: “It felt wonderful to relax on the table and simply soak up the nurturing energy from your recent Emergence Care energy work session with me.  I felt refreshed and calm during and after the session and slept really great that night.  I appreciate your skills as a healing practitioner and would highly recommend you to others seeking greater peace and energetic support for their bodies!”  –Animal Communicator; Highlands Ranch, Co.

Regarding Karel’s energy work: “When you put your hands on my back, I could feel gold light flow between them.” –  Engineer; Broomfield, Co.

Regarding a past life regression: “More and more things are becoming clear to me. A peace is upon me. Thank you again….” – retired administrative assistant; Broomfield, Co.


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