About Karel and Niko

Niko 03-31-17 CWKarel and her son Niko work together to assist people are seeking physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual change. Karel’s grandfather was a hands-on healer, and he passed that ability on to her and Niko. Born with the ability to transform using energy – by giving that supports or removing energy that detracts – they assist others who need help to find peace in their bodies k_hadacekand lives. If you are feeling stuck, there will be a way to help you. All you need is the desire to receive assistance and to release that which no longer serves you.

Usually, each client works with a single practitioner at a time, but if your need is great, some processes can be facilitated by Niko and Karel at the same time for an even greater impact.

Located in the Denver metropolitan area, most sessions are conducted at their office in Wheat Ridge (I-70 at Wadsworth). Other arrangements may be available upon request. To learn more about Niko, click here. To learn more about Karel, click here. Embers of Light does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender identity, gender orientation, age, or religion. LGBTQ+ friendly services.

Colorado Rocky Mountains
Colorado Rocky Mountains


  1. It’s amazing how few people care what my business is! They’re probably afraid I’ll try to sell them something. LOL I hope you enjoy yourself looking around. This is my side-business, but where much of my focus is directed, so much more than is shown here.

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