Spiritual Counseling or Spirit Releasement

Karel’s spiritual counseling encompasses personal guidance on your spiritual and metaphysical journey. It can be a way to see and understand the large patterns in your life.

Pagoda CWSometimes people keep bits and pieces of other peoples’ energies that they received during an act of abuse, sex, love, or other highly charged events. Sometimes people will incorporate the entire energy of another person who has died, accidentally accepting their energy during a moment of compassion or wanting to help. Or if a person has used drugs or alcohol to the point that they black out, other earth-bound spirits may wander in.

Lunar eclipse 2
Sometimes our inner light is obscured so much that it’s hard to feel. A cleansing would help.

When these other spirits or bits of energy remain in a person’s energy field, they can cause emotional conflict, discord, and confusion. In more extreme cases, the trapped energy can be more defined and entrenched, causing more of a threat to mental health.

These can be cleansed from the body and energy field. Karel has demonstrated her ability to release these spirits and send them to the light, leaving the individual more peacefully in charge of their body.

Lighthouse 1 CWSometimes earth-bound spirits can inhabit a building or location, too, and they may be moved on to the next step in their spiritual path. Spirit releasement doesn’t have to be like what you’ve seen in the movies, I promise!

It isn’t at all like what you’ve seen in the movies, I promise!

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