Pricing (revised 3/1/19)

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Accepting Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express

Testimonial: “Karel has some kind of magic stick. She worked with me for 4 and a half hours. She gave me all the time I needed, and when I left, I was flying. I kept on flying since.
If you are looking for perspective, healing and valued insights about your path, your life and your inner worlds, Karel is the one.
The work she is doing is beyond amazing and I highly recommend [it] to anyone who wants to get to the next level in his life.
I love you Karel, thank you! ” – Aurora Artist

QHHT/Past Life Regression

First Regression:  a flat fee of $325 (session lasts about 5 hours).

Follow-up regressions: $75 per hour (session can last anywhere from two hours to four).

Testimonial: “The [energy] work was incredible.” – Denver Graduate Student

Noetic Integration (energy work integrating mind, body, and soul)

Noetic Integration: $50.00 per session

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Testimonial:  “Karel is a gifted channel and her healing work is powerful. I was astounded by the strength of the energies experienced during our sessions and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She brings so much wisdom, integrity, love and care into her work.”– Denver Entrepreneur

Discounts for buying multiple packages at once:

Noetic Integration: 4 private sessions, $160 (a 20% discount)

Spiritual Counseling:

Spiritual Counseling: $60 per hour

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If you have questions regarding pricing, please contact Karel here:

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