The Spin-Off

I had a recent client that did not go to any past lives at all but to a concurrent life. In a parallel life, the client is a highly placed member of an important guiding council. The council consisted of members from different planetary systems, and they were in charge of important decisions that affected the member systems as well as developing systems not yet represented, such as Earth. The councilmember decided that he wanted to help the Earth’s efforts, so he split off some of his energy to incarnate on Earth as my client.

The left side of the photo shows Earth as seen from space, with South America prominently displayed. To the bottom right, Earth's moon is visible.
Earth and its moon, photo courtesy of NASA.

When we tried to access past lives for this client, there weren’t any. There was only the parallel life of the council member. However, the vision for this client’s future is very positive. The client incarnated with many abilities and was able to communicate with the council member since they were a small child.  They were aware of the planetary system from which they originated and received guidance from that system on a regular basis. It was that guidance that steered the client to me for a session.

I wish this client well. They have a long and interesting life ahead of them as they bring forward many talents and abilities to assist Earth and its people. You don’t have to visit a past life to have a very meaningful session!

The picture was taken from outer space. A blue haze crosses the bottom of the photograph. In the center is a bright planet with a much smaller one to the upper left of the planet. Stars pepper the background.
Earth at Orion rise; photo courtesy of NASA.

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