What Good is Anger?


I’ve known people who were habitually in the victim mode, helpless and powerless – until they got angry. Then it was like flipping a switch and they became strong, inflexible, and perhaps mean. What happened? When I look at the situation energetically, I see someone who doesn’t feel like they have a right to speak… Continue reading What Good is Anger?

Are you Looking for Profound Change?

Are you ready for purposeful, profound healing? When I began performing past life regressions (as taught by Dolores Cannon, QHHT or Quantum healing hypnosis technique), sessions were predictable. I would do the voice induction, we’d visit a few past lives, and we would talk to what Dolores called the “subconscious, ” and everyone else would… Continue reading Are you Looking for Profound Change?

Clearing Patterns or Limitations with QHHT

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If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you know that your energy vibration draws to it events and people of a like vibration. What happens when your vibration brings you situations that are of a lower vibration than you prefer? If you feel like most things are okay, but there are specific areas… Continue reading Clearing Patterns or Limitations with QHHT

Spiritual Counseling with Karel

Karel considers all her past life regression work to be spiritual counseling, as it enables clients to engage with their higher self / soul to receive wisdom and remove blocks to their spiritual growth. Should you wish one-on-one instruction on metaphysical matters, or assistance seeing your life in a spiritual perspective, she can help you.… Continue reading Spiritual Counseling with Karel

How a Nature Walk Relieves Stress

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Why, exactly, do we feel better after a walk in nature? A few years ago, I spoke with the resident nature spirits during a walk down a rural path. The nature spirits welcomed our small group. There were two she called “energy walkers” because they moved the energy as they walked. Everywhere the energy walkers… Continue reading How a Nature Walk Relieves Stress