What about Level 3 training?

Which set of orchids is best? They are all pretty.

I’ve had a few prospective clients ask if I have Level 3 QHHT training and assume that I am less qualified to do the work if I don’t. I was amused at first, but I finally decided I should address it.

I took my basic 3-day QHHT class from Dolores Cannon through the Northern New Mexico College in April 2008. The class involved a demonstration by Dolores, a discussion of the script she issued, practice sessions, lectures, and questions/answers. After conducting practice sessions for a year, I took the one-day advanced Past Life Regression Therapy Level Two class from Dolores in Colorado in April 2009. The class coached us as new practitioners. Dolores presented common issues to a small group, and we asked our questions based on our experiences.

Dolores didn’t teach classes that contained a demonstration in Colorado because the state requires special testing and registration as a psychotherapist to conduct hypnotherapy in the state. So, she taught the basic class in New Mexico rather than Colorado. The advanced class didn’t have a demonstration, so she presented it here. All hypnotherapy practitioners are required to register as a psychotherapist if they work in the state. I was registered, and I’ve conducted QHHT professionally for the past 10 years.


Dolores was satisfied that we had the training needed to do the work, so I was too. I’ve learned quite a bit through the ten years that I’ve been practicing professionally. After Dolores died October 18, 2014, her daughter took over the QHHT business. She changed the format of the classes to the current structure of taking a basic class via internet followed by two coaching courses – Level 2 and Level 3.

So, to answer the clients who think that practitioners with level 3 training are better, because 3 is better than 2, I’d like to provide a different perspective. I’ve been practicing much longer than any of the students that have Level 3 training, and I was taught by Dolores.

Which type of class is more beneficial? Who knows? The most important factor to look for when selecting a QHHT practitioner is an intuitive match. Who do you feel comfortable with? Who seems to understand what’s going on for you?






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