Why is my logo of a great blue heron?


I hardly even knew what a great blue heron was when I first began Emergence Care training four years ago. I struggled with the training because the instructor’s terminology didn’t resonate with me, so I called upon my guides to help me to tune into the energy and to become proficient in spite of the disconnect with the instructor. Much to my surprise, a great blue heron responded to my call. She would stand behind me and direct her wings where she wanted my arms and hands to go. She connected with me, energetically and effectively. She was there for me every time for every client and would guide me so that I could provide what each particular client needed. Her presence was strong, and I finally asked one day, “why a great blue heron?” The response was that she was a master of the air, water, and land – all that I needed. But one element was missing. What about fire? “You. You are the fire.”

Heron flying low CW
On the last day of training, the last time we engaged in a group energy session, I felt wings unfurl from my back, extending widely and triumphantly! I smiled to myself and continued on with my work. I was shocked when one of my colleagues caught up with me afterward and asked me about the wings she saw, extending from my back during the session. What? I could feel them, but I could not believe that anyone could see them! I thought they were in my imagination, but maybe not. They were not there in this dimension; perhaps they were higher.

GB Heron 1 CW
The energy of the Great Blue Heron often guides me during sessions.

The heron continues to carry me in her arms and in her spirit. She continued to teach me, tweaking the energy work until it became a whole new modality. Noetic integration was her invention, and I live in gratitude.

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