Blossoming with a New Modality: Noetic Integration

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I’m introducing Noetic Integration as the energy service I now offer. What does the term mean? According to the Urban Dictionary, it means “"inner knowing," a kind of intuitive consciousness, or direct and immediate access to knowledge beyond what is available to our normal senses or the power of reason.” The energy work I offer… Continue reading Blossoming with a New Modality: Noetic Integration

What is Noetic Integration?


We know all about the health of our physical body, tended by medical doctors and specialists. But we are more than our physical bodies. Our bodies generate a measurable electromagnetic field. Our scientists are aware of the field but not of its function in our lives. Metaphysics tells us that these fields are the link… Continue reading What is Noetic Integration?

Noetic Integration Pricing — One Person or Two?

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I have two tables and can provide Noetic Integration for two people at the same time. Two reasons: (1) I bring in a vast, deep field of energy, which is large enough to cover both tables (and probably the people downstairs, etc.); and (2) the energy can be intense, if you are really sensitive. I… Continue reading Noetic Integration Pricing — One Person or Two?

Are You an Experienced Lightworker?


If you are a Lightworker called to contribute at this time, you may be established in your path and doing the work. But you may feel that you can reach higher, do more, and be better supported in your work. You could be feeling a bit depleted and weary. Here are some ways Karel can… Continue reading Are You an Experienced Lightworker?

Are you a budding Lightworker?

  Many recognize that they have been called to awaken during this lifetime, and they are responding to the call. Yet they sometimes struggle with attaining their life’s purpose and wonder how to find the ease and flow they want on their life’s path. If you feel like you could use a boost, here’s some… Continue reading Are you a budding Lightworker?