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How a Nature Walk Relieves Stress

trail, pond
A trail in nature by Lake Irene in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Why, exactly, do we feel better after a walk in nature? A few years ago, I spoke with the resident nature spirits during a walk down a rural path. The nature spirits welcomed our small group. There were two she called “energy walkers” because they moved the energy as they walked. Everywhere the energy walkers went, they energized the environment and fed the Earth’s energy grid below their feet. She was happy to have the group, particularly the one among us that was stressed. She said that they assisted him as he walked, removing all the energy bits that were stuck to him that did not belong. She called the energy bits predatory and aggressive, like ill-wishes, or a minor curse. Or maybe just a worry.

tree trunksThe place took it all and returned it to the earth. She said that nature does not pass judgment on the energy, and she recognized that the stressed one didn’t need it. Many of the animals in that area are themselves predators; the spicy and spiky stress energy is welcome there. By taking the bits that didn’t belong, the place balanced his energy.

By the end of the group’s walk, the stressed member reported that his headache was gone and he felt much calmer. The energy exchange was a win-win for nature and for the group.

As a predator, raptors accept aggressive and angry energy that humans release.

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