succulent blossom

Blossoming with a New Modality: Noetic Integration

succulent blossom
When I realized that a whole new energy modality was coming to fullness, I was shocked to see one of my office plants begin to bloom. For five years, I’d never seen a blossom, but in the new energy it was busting out in flower!

I’m introducing Noetic Integration as the energy service I now offer. What does the term mean? According to the Urban Dictionary, it means “”inner knowing,” a kind of intuitive consciousness, or direct and immediate access to knowledge beyond what is available to our normal senses or the power of reason.” The energy work I offer assists in bringing more consciousness into our body and field while making it more accessible by removing energetically stuck emotions that can interfere.

succulent flowersEnergy work has been an interest of mine for many years now. Although trained in several modalities, I didn’t provide energy work professionally until I took an extensive course in Emergence Care. As I provided energy work as I’d been taught, I’d receive guidance and suggestions from my soul and spiritual helpers. As I responded to the suggestions, the energy work began to change. It became less active and more receptive. It gained depth and breadth. I experienced the energy in a way that more fully aligned with my body and soul. How much does something have to change before it’s an all new thing? A year later, I could not deny that it was an entirely different energy. My clients asked why my sessions had become more powerful and effective. I realized that my work had morphed to the point that it needed a new name: Noetic Integration.

succulent blossomI’ve been providing this energy work for two years now, and the feedback has been great! Client experiences vary, depending upon where each client is in their awareness when they receive the work. Everyone experiences difficulties in their lives which we work to resolve. Some, of course, are much more difficult and are more challenging to move past. We may learn from our experiences and grow through them, but the intellectual process doesn’t affect the emotions embedded in our bodies during trauma. From the stories I’ve heard from my clients, I believe that Noetic Integration helps us release trauma emotions from our bodies. When emotional factors embed in our bodies, they stagnate the energy around them, which can lead to reduced functioning of our body. It can also prevent us from releasing the experience entirely, leaving us to fear repeating the event.

succulent plant blossoms
I have called this flowering plant “Grandmother” for the past seven years. She seems in charge of the plant contingent.

Several clients were quite clairvoyant and clairsentient, and independently described the same benefit from their sessions. During their sessions, they were shown old conflicts as their bodies released them.  These were from issues that the clients said had been previously resolved, but emotional fear and trauma had remained. Noetic Integration helped them to release the vestiges of the conflict that remained in their body, completing their release of the experience. Other clients weren’t as clairvoyant or clairsentient, and they may not have seen or felt anything. They reported going to a place where their ego stepped out of the way, and they felt like their problems received energetic solutions. It is my belief that with their egos set aside, they received additional instructions from their souls. Can I prove any of this? No. Do I hear similar reports from my clients – yes!

succulent blossom
One of my other plants produced a blossom this year for the first time in seven years. It resembles a soft sticker.

Each session strips away more of the energies that hold us back. My guides suggest waiting a month between sessions, as this gives them a chance to gain a new normal between sessions. It maximizes the amount of shift at a gentle pace. Clients who come more frequently still receive a relaxing, peaceful shift, becoming more clear after each session. Some clients were excited to have out-of-body experiences during their sessions; the experience is very individual.

succulent blossom

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