Karel’s Biography

k_hadacekKarel became ill with an auto-immune disease in 2002, she became desperate for pain relief and discovered energetic healing. Willing to explore anything that helped, she began to master some of the techniques that brought relief. In the process, Karel learned that her maternal grandfather was a hands-on healer, and his gift had been passed to her. As her interest in energetic healing methods increased, Karel searched for the reasons and causes for her illness and discovered she could access her past lives clearly and easily. After using past life regression to understand her life’s challenges, she chose to help others understanding their lives from a big-picture perspective using this tool.

Karel attended Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique (QHHT) beginning workshop in April 2008 at the Northern New Mexico College, Department of Integrative Health Studies. She later attended Dolores’ advanced workshop in Colorado.

In September 2010, Karel was ordained as a priest in the Order of Melchizedek. Not a conventional ministry, the ordination signified Karel’s recognition of the equality of all beings and her commitment to teach and heal in the daily course of her life.

Karel continued her training in energy transformation modalities to find a way to address physical, emotional, and spiritual dysfunction. Each technique increased her ability to help others navigate barriers to discover a more comfortable body, emotional ease, and spiritual grace. Visit her blog, peacewithmylife.com, or on Facebook to learn more.

lotus CW

Here’s Karel’s educational background.

Traditional Education

  • B.S. Marketing, Southwestern Oklahoma State University,1982
  • B.A. English, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 1982
  • J.D., University of Denver, College of Law, 1999

Metaphysical Education


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