Karel or Niko will gladly perform nondenominational weddings for all those who request it. They are happy to provide ceremonies that are secular or for those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious. LGBTQ+ couples are welcome and embraced. No premarital counseling is required, but Karel or Niko will work with you to tailor… Continue reading Weddings

Niko’s Biography

Niko comes from a long line of energy workers. Aware of spirits and energy from an early age, Niko took his first energy healing class, Reiki, at age 9. During the subsequent nine years, he has demonstrated a confident and gentle mastery of energetic facilitation. He has been popular in Matrix Energetics healing circles and… Continue reading Niko’s Biography

Spiritual Services

Karel and Niko are ordained ministers in the Order of Melchizedek, a nontraditional, nondenominational spiritual ministry based in the Sanctuary of the Beloved in up-state New York. As ministers of this order, they believe in spiritual service in every-day life, serving through free will and individual expression. They believe in spirituality as a practical, purposeful… Continue reading Spiritual Services