Scheduling a Past Life Regression Session

Sessions are available by appointment only at Karel's office in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area, located at: 4800 Wadsworth, Suite 207 Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033 Karel's office features a comfortable recliner for clients' regressions, allowing clients to lay fully back or slightly elevated, for their comfort. If you have a disability and are unable to… Continue reading Scheduling a Past Life Regression Session

Karel’s Biography

Karel became ill with an auto-immune disease in 2002, she became desperate for pain relief and discovered energetic healing. Willing to explore anything that helped, she began to master some of the techniques that brought relief. In the process, Karel learned that her maternal grandfather was a hands-on healer, and his gift had been passed… Continue reading Karel’s Biography

Confidentiality and Ethics

Karel holds all information divulged during a past life regression session confidential. These services are spiritual counseling, not healthcare or psychotherapy, so they are not covered by HIPAA. Any information a client during a past life regression session is just information for consideration or spiritual counseling. It is no  substitute for medical treatment or advice.

Accessing the “Subconscious”

In the true spirit of Dolores Cannon's hypnotherapy technique (QHHT), at the end of a review of past lives, Karel can ask the client to put aside their ego and allow their "subconscious" to speak. The "subconscious" is a general term which can refer to the hidden part of a person's mind or soul. What… Continue reading Accessing the “Subconscious”

QHHT (regression) Frequently Asked Questions


I want to look at past lives, but I'm afraid that I'll be traumatized when I go through the death of my prior life.  Can you make that easier? During the session, Karel gives calming and hypnotic suggestions that you will observe the scenes but not feel the associated trauma. I don't believe in past… Continue reading QHHT (regression) Frequently Asked Questions