Tree Whispers

oak tree

I took a walk this evening to stay connected with the earth and with myself. No music, no Pokemon Go, no telephone calls. I brought just my dog, who keeps things happy, and a walk in what’s real. I spend so much time in my head, that these moments in the real world are vital… Continue reading Tree Whispers

What Makes for a Successful Regression/QHHT Session?

The Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique (QHHT) session (past life regression) taps into your past life memories through a connection with your soul. People who meditate or consider themselves to be very intuitive are the best candidates, because they use this connection every day. You may not meditate, but you have a knack for understanding your… Continue reading What Makes for a Successful Regression/QHHT Session?

Pattern Review

No two regressions are alike, but there are even different categories of regression. There are the straight past life explorations – on this planet or not, human or not. There are the regressions to being an energy being, let’s say or a particle of light. But some people have what I consider to be a… Continue reading Pattern Review

Do we ever incarnate as animals?

Based on my experience with QHHT/regressions, they do. Various clients have been a tiger, an insect, and a skunk. The insect was eaten almost immediately, so it was difficult to determine whether it had an emotional or intellectual life. The tiger, however, had a deep emotional life. Reveling in his strong, agile body, he described… Continue reading Do we ever incarnate as animals?


Hear about a wonderful way to start your day with a short and powerful meditation. Energize your body and connect with your guidance in 30 minutes a day. Karel Hadacek will provide a basic meditation practice that can help you receive your guidance, connect with the Earth, your guides, and your higher wisdom. Energy practices… Continue reading POWER UP!