QHHT (regression) Frequently Asked Questions


I want to look at past lives, but I'm afraid that I'll be traumatized when I go through the death of my prior life.  Can you make that easier? During the session, Karel gives calming and hypnotic suggestions that you will observe the scenes but not feel the associated trauma. I don't believe in past… Continue reading QHHT (regression) Frequently Asked Questions

The Mechanics of a Regression Session

When you visit Karel for a session, all communication is confidential. [For more on confidentiality requirements, click here.] Be honest in your areas of concern. Expect to chat with Karel for an hour or more, getting to know each other before the actual past life regression session begins. This gives you time to establish rapport… Continue reading The Mechanics of a Regression Session

How can Past Life Regression help your children?

Most hypnotherapists do not recommend past life regression on children. It takes maturity to review a lifetime in which wrongs were committed and yet remain detached from blame when the session is over. Likewise, it takes maturity to watch yourself die in a prior life die without trauma. Even though Karel may provide suggestions to… Continue reading How can Past Life Regression help your children?

How can Your Past Life Regression help your Companion Animals?

Although Karel does not perform past life regression on pets directly, as the "owner" or "companion" of the pets, you may act as its surrogate. During a client's past life regression session, at the end when the client's subconscious or higher level of wisdom is accessed, Karel may ask questions you've indicated on the pet's… Continue reading How can Your Past Life Regression help your Companion Animals?

Past Life Regression Experiences

Each client learns different things about him/herself during a past life regression session. Factors such as what the client needs, level of spiritual awakening, and willingness to see the truth are probably the most significant factors in what comes forward to be examined during a session. Below, are a few samples of insight gained by… Continue reading Past Life Regression Experiences