Are you Looking for Profound Change?


Are you ready for purposeful, profound healing? When I began performing past life regressions (as taught by Dolores Cannon, QHHT or Quantum healing hypnosis technique), sessions were predictable. I would do the voice induction, we’d visit a few past lives, and we would talk to what Dolores called the “subconscious, ” and everyone else would call the higher self or soul. People cleared blocks holding them back, received healing, and learned insights into their life(s). It was predictable and nice.

arp273_hst900Wow, have things changed! I’m never sure what’s going to happen during a session anymore. My clientele has generally shifted to people with an energy work practice, meditation practice, or other indications of living a strong intuitive connection to the universe. Whether deliberately or not, they have begun their spiritual work and they are ready for more change. The results have become far more powerful and…unusual. Sometimes things take a bit of a sideways turn, and people experience a spirit releasement, “download” of energy, upgrade in psychic and spiritual powers, kundalini awakening, and/or an activation of skills and abilities that had been waiting. Some clients visit their soul groups and feel overwhelming love. Others visit the planet of their origination and experience a profound sense of “belonging” as they visit their true home. Some experience a soul braid, leveling up the amount of soul energy in their bodies. A few are ordinary regressions; everyone gets what they are ready for.

Reflections in the Pleiades

Some lifetimes my clients visit are on Earth, but many can’t identify the planet or the being that they are. Things have definitely gotten interesting, and people are experiencing profound changes in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives. All I can say is “bring it on!”

Comet Encke
Photos courtesy of NASA

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