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Clearing Patterns or Limitations with QHHT

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Does your life feel full of light in some ways and barren in others? Do you feel like you are being held back in places despite your spiritual growth? QHHT can help.

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you know that your energy vibration draws to it events and people of a like vibration. What happens when your vibration brings you situations that are of a lower vibration than you prefer? If you feel like most things are okay, but there are specific areas of endeavor that don’t bring the results that you want, there are likely limiting beliefs or old energies that are still in drawing to it like experiences. These types of situations can be addressed with past life regression.

If these flamingos are looking for the leader to free them from the zoo, they will be disappointed.

We can try to clear these issues through conventional metaphysical clearing practices, but there are some things that are such critical learning experiences that we have to recognize where the limitations came from in order to release them. For example, one client saw in a past life that she had been a clan leader confronted with a crisis. She tried to lead her people to safety, but they all perished. Heartbroken that her decision had caused them all to die, she felt that she had betrayed her people’s trust by making a fatally poor choice. As she died, she swore that she would never lead others again.

Some are meant to rise above the flock and be leaders.

With the help of her soul, we reviewed the lifetime during our session and with her rational mind could see that there was no place she could have taken her people where they would have survived. The environment was too dangerous and their resources too few. Not understanding that, in her previous lifetime, the client swore never to be a leader, believing that she had been a poor one. Looking back, we saw how she had done a great job considering the challenge that had been presented. The vow she had made didn’t serve her and limited her subsequent experiences.

When we work with the soul at the end of the QHHT session, we have the opportunity to gather wisdom about our previous lives. We look at the poor conclusions we drew and the limitations perpetuated by the experience. Then we ask the soul to help us to clear the pattern or limitation from her field. Having recognized the source of her restriction in this life, the soul will help her clear it. That means that she will no longer prevent herself from being a natural leader. Her restrictions in that way were released, helping her to attract more positive experiences.

When we talked a few years later, the client said she’d begun her own business, and it was thriving! She was being a leader of her own life rather than being pushed around by the whims of fate.

Being a leader in your own life or in your own family is often an underappreciated skill.


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