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A Typical Session

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We want to draw closer to the light and reach for our highest vibration.

I can’t talk about real sessions because each client deserves privacy. However, there are certain situations which are commonly encountered that I’d like to present as an example of QHHT/past life regression. Say a client came for QHHT because he was unhappy with his lack of a partner. He was happy with his level of professional success and had plenty of close friends. He listened to his intuition and used it to enhance his life. He’d worked through his family dysfunction, and was ready to find the right woman to settle down. Unfortunately, his romantic partners that seemed fine at first ended up being psycho-drama train wrecks. Through past life regression, we asked to see the past lives that would help him today. He viewed three past lives, one of which was as a monk who had vowed to be celibate, solitary, and silent. He had another past life in which he had a tragic relationship which ended with his death. As he died, vowed that he would never fall in love again. A third life showed him as a person in a wonderful marriage that happily sustained and fulfilled him throughout his adult life.

After the past lives had been viewed, the client was deep in trance. We asked to speak to his soul and asked his soul to answer questions, which it agreed to do. The soul explained why he saw these particular lifetimes during the session. During his life as a monk, he had taken vows that he had taken during several lifetimes devoted to a religion or spiritual practice. These practices often required celibacy, silence, obedience, poverty, solitude, and service, and if these vows are taken many lifetimes, they often surface as an automatic practice in subsequent lifetimes. We asked the client’s soul to release him from the vows for this lifetime. He could make them again if he chose to, but would otherwise be free of them. His soul agreed to clear the old vows.

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We all want a rosy future!

We asked the client’s soul about the lifetime ending in tragedy. Why was it necessary to view that specific lifetime? The soul explained that the vow he made as he died, to never fall in love again, prevented him from having a deeply loving relationship in his current lifetime. As we could see from his current perspective, that vow was understandable in those circumstances but was inappropriate for this lifetime. We asked the soul to release that vow, which it agreed to do. We asked his soul to assist the client in forgiving himself for what had occurred in that lifetime as well as forgiving the person whose actions had spurred him to avoid love. His soul agreed to assist him.

We reviewed the third lifetime which showed the client that he has been successfully married in the past and demonstrated to him the energy that such a relationship carried. We cleared blocks to achieving that type of relationship in his current lifetime.

gold sunset, california, pacific ocean
We have it within us to reach for the gold. We just have to clear blocks and remove past patterning.

About two years later, my client reported that he had met the most amazing woman. She was smart and well-balanced. She wasn’t emotionally unstable at all. He shook his head in astonishment, not knowing that women like that existed. A year later, they were married and seem very happy. He acknowledged that the work we did together was a turning point in his lifetime. He knew what a successful marriage felt like and searched or someone who could be that with him. He no longer thought he was destined to be alone. It was another QHHT success!

What a happy couple!

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