oak tree

Tree Whispers

pathI took a walk this evening to stay connected with the earth and with myself. No music, no Pokemon Go, no telephone calls. I brought just my dog, who keeps things happy, and a walk in what’s real. I spend so much time in my head, that these moments in the real world are vital to staying centered and grounded.

We approached a large tree beside the trail that looked to be much older than me. Its shade was welcome and it seemed wise. I placed my hand on the tree and felt the tingle of energy pass from it to me. I asked it what its job was, and it explained that it was there to comfort, guide, and take care of those who passed. It knew that this was not my first walk on the trail (it recognized me!) and acknowledged that. It provided solace, it said. I waited a beat and asked, “Is that all?” “Isn’t that enough?” It replied. Well, yes, it was. I just wasn’t sure if it was through talking. Some trees have quite complex duties, from what I’ve heard them say. I thanked him for his support and dedication to his duty.

Further down the trail, there was another tree of the same species. I didn’t touch it, but it greeted me, saying that it had been expecting me. It implicated a communication from the other tree (this was an impression more than it was a statement). Even before I could get the thought out as a telepathic sentence, the tree answered my half-considered question. “I am a Sentinel,” it said. I felt its strength and dedication and nodded. Yes, I could feel that. “Just like you,” it whispered. “What?” I thought. I’m not a sentinel. “Yes, you are. Of the old ways.”

I thought of that as we continued our walk, with loving thanks to the trees we passed. Am I a sentinel of the old ways? Perhaps.

oak tree

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