What Makes for a Successful Regression/QHHT Session?

apple blossomsThe Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique (QHHT) session (past life regression) taps into your past life memories through a connection with your soul. People who meditate or consider themselves to be very intuitive are the best candidates, because they use this connection every day. You may not meditate, but you have a knack for understanding your dreams. Or you have a bit of a psychic part of you. You feel very connected with all the universe, not just your job – any of these could be your intuitive expressions in your daily life.

If you aren’t there yet, there are several other modalities we can use to help prepare you for a session by clearing out some of the old beliefs, many of which aren’t your own, but that you picked up from others. Biomimetic Mimicry, Access Bars (not an alcoholic establishment!), and Noetic Integration are great ways to regain your connection with your soul and your quantum self.

cherry blossomI’ve had many clients who have experienced ordinary lives, but which brought incredible emotional healing as they release trauma or pain from those lives. Others have viewed incredible lives with unique and fascinating abilities. I’ve had clients that have gotten phenomenal wisdom and spiritual healing for themselves though the session with the “subconscious.” The session helped them to see their purpose and mission on a huge scale.

apple blossomsYou are more likely to have that kind of experience if you are able to listen to your intuition. The QHHT experience is co-creative that builds on the client’s ability to connect with their higher self, which is often expressed as intuition. The practitioner brings his/her experience and energy to the session and the client brings his or her desires and pathways to their higher self. Together, we navigate the process and bring you your best session.

Abell 053 Galaxy cluster (blue)
photo courtesy of NASA


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