What is Noetic Integration?

These partial dandelions look a lot like a person’s energy field that has rips or voids.

We know all about the health of our physical body, tended by medical doctors and specialists. But we are more than our physical bodies. Our bodies generate a measurable electromagnetic field. Our scientists are aware of the field but not of its function in our lives. Metaphysics tells us that these fields are the link between our soul and our body as well as links between each other and the universe. There are few within traditional medicine to assist us with keeping these invisible fields healthy and in coherent with our body. Many think that physical issues begin in the emotional, mental or spiritual bodies, seen as electromagnetic fields. Unhealed trauma and emotional pain, if not tended and healed in the emotional, mental or spiritual bodies (electromagnetic field), they can allow the physical body to reflect the unhealed issues as disease and illness.

dandelionNoetic Integration (noetics refers to consciousness or the combined body, mind, and spirit) is an energy work developed by Karel Hadacek to help mend and strengthen the emotional, mental or spiritual bodies by renewing their connection with the soul. During a session, the energetic bodies interrupt their usual routines to query the soul for new instructions. There is a linking of the field and the quantum soul’s energy. This type of process restores balance and provides the fields and body new instructions. Any voids or tears in the fields are healed, and they become harmonized. This new state is integrated into the body so that it receives new instructions from its energetic fields.

dandelionNoetic Integration sessions are a way to bring all the fields into harmony and bring new, healthy instructions to the physical body. The sessions are not expected to bring a miracle cure; they are designed to assist each person to be the highest vibration that they can be. This process helps clear out old patterns and integrating the lessons learned.

Early Noetic Integration clients reported vivid psychic experiences in which they saw the lessons they had intellectually learned, integrate into their energy, and releasing trapped emotions from their bodies. The past issues that were released no longer had the power to influence the person negatively. The trauma was gone.

This is like a person’s body with a strong energetic field. All the seed pods are in place, providing a distinct shield to the core.

Many clients don’t project or see anything psychically. They find themselves in a void; they aren’t asleep, and they aren’t awake. They may hear the room’s music or not. Yet when the session is over, they feel profoundly relaxed and in-tune with their soul. Does it sound a bit mystical? That’s because it is. If you are looking for a new way to energize your life, find a deeper peace, and energetically release your old stories, this is the experience you’ve been looking for.

bee on a flower

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