petroglyph, spiral

Flying Symbols

These petroglyphs at the V Bar V Heritage Site are a mystery thousands of years later. The diagonal zig-zag ending in a spiral seems significant to me, but why? What does it mean? When presented with symbols during a regression, we ask what they mean.

Have you ever seen symbols flying through the air? I’ve known two people who saw yellow symbols flying through the sky when visiting Hawaii. They were in the same place at the same time, but neither of them spoke of it to the other. They both confided in me, afraid they were crazy. The independent sightings confirm that they weren’t imagining things; they were just seeing inter-dimensionally. So why flying symbols?

In the QHHT (past life regression) work, symbols are often presented to clients. Some clients understand what the symbol conveys while others are uncertain. Generally, their subconscious/wisdom tells us that the symbols communicate a bundle of information. It can be shorthand for a large amount of information or novel concept. After the information represented by the symbol is communicated to the client, it goes to subconscious storage. If the client is immediately ready for the information, the body of knowledge may become evident rather quickly. When the client isn’t yet ready, it can lay dormant for months or years until the door is opened, and the person “just knows” the material represented by the symbol. I suspect the flying symbols in Hawaii had the same effect on those who witnessed them.

In this petroglyph from the V Bar V, I see two sickles holding a star, with three people gathered beneath it. What do these symbols mean? Are the sickle shapes symbolic of something astronomical?

There can be other, less important symbols presented during a QHHT session. I often ask clients if they discern a symbol on their clothing or jewelry. The character or emblem may hold information that tells us more about the time or culture of the lifetime, or it can trigger recognition of new knowledge. Sometimes the meaning of the symbol is not revealed or understood, but the client finds it nonetheless personally meaningful.

petroglyph, spiral
I’ve found spirals in almost every petroglyph field I’ve observed. It is clearly a wide-spread symbol with much ancient meaning.

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