Going Sideways

Photo courtesy of NASA

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT, a type of past life regression) sessions take clients to lots of places! Many people regress to fairly “normal” lives. They will see a life in which their dreams were dashed, their loved ones taken from them, or other moments of sadness. They will also see happy lives, in which their souls show them that life doesn’t have to be hard or difficult. These are balanced ways for clients’ souls to show what’s possible and what happened in their past that affects their present. Occasionally they are non-human – rocks, trees, or animals.

Photo courtesy of NASA

But then, some cases go a little sideways. Clients go to lifetimes on other planets, on spaceships, or as non-human beings. Others have seen a past life as a particle of light, an energy ball, or a discarnate being. Anything goes! Generally, clients who see lives like that are not surprised. They know they aren’t from “around here” and it seems natural to them. Some enter the session describing UFO experiences and they use the regression as an opportunity to discover the intention for the visits.

There’s never a dull moment!

Photo courtesy of NASA
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