Pattern Review

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No two regressions are alike, but there are even different categories of regression. There are the straight past life explorations – on this planet or not, human or not. There are the regressions to being an energy being, let’s say or a particle of light. But some people have what I consider to be a pattern regression. They will visit five or six lifetimes in which they examine only the salient portion of the life. Together, each vignette demonstrates the different position in a pattern which needs to be cleared.

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For example, a person who has a pattern of distrust might see several scenes, each from a different life, that demonstrate various aspects of trust. She might see herself as a confidence man, abusing trust by selling worthless items to those who believed them to be of great value. She might also see a life in which she distrusts everyone, even those who intend only the best for her and want to help her. In another life, she might see ways in which she used her position of power to abuse the trust of an innocent person at her mercy. There could be lifetimes of self-distrust, and times of over-confidence when she trusted herself and could not deliver. And she might even review a lifetime in which she successfully trusted another to resounding success.

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These life reviews all revolved around trust. A discussion of her current life had hit on problems that she had not necessarily identified as trust issues. Yet after the life reviews, the root cause was clear – she had an unbalanced sense of trust in herself and/or others. We worked to clear the blocks in this lifetime that resulted from the other times in which trust was misused. The one lifetime when trust was successfully exercised was a great illustration to the client of what healthy trust could look like. The soul was engaged to clear the pattern of unbalanced and unhealthy trust.

This may sound lackluster, compared to the detailed and interesting lifetimes that could be reviewed, but it is enormously powerful to invoke a powerful change of the root cause of this lifetime’s issues. I have seen pattern reviews most successful for dedicated spiritual aspirants who have used regression work on a regular basis to release blocks in their current life.

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