Do we ever incarnate as animals?


Based on my experience with QHHT/regressions, they do. Various clients have been a tiger, an insect, and a skunk. The insect was eaten almost immediately, so it was difficult to determine whether it had an emotional or intellectual life.

The tiger, however, had a deep emotional life. Reveling in his strong, agile body, he described the thrill of running, climbing, mating, and eating.  He spoke of loving his mate and the satisfaction of their life together. They shared a den in which he felt secure and loved. His body’s sensations were an important source of pleasure in his life. When he began to age, he grieved his body’s gradual decline.

He described the drive to copulate and the loneliness he felt when his mate died. They still had young cubs when she died, and much like a human parent, he was unsure how to take care of them alone. His loneliness and grief persisted for years after her passing.

So for those who doubt whether animals have feelings, whether they feel pain, and whether they understand the past and future, this regression reported  that they do. They love and grieve just like humans do.

Animal parents love their children too.

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