red water lillies

Noetic Integration Pricing — One Person or Two?

water lily
One water lily thrives in the sun

I have two tables and can provide Noetic Integration for two people at the same time. Two reasons: (1) I bring in a vast, deep field of energy, which is large enough to cover both tables (and probably the people downstairs, etc.); and (2) the energy can be intense, if you are really sensitive. I usually work directly on one person for a few minutes, then as that one person is incorporating the energy, I work on the other, back and forth. Sometimes I work on both at the same time, guiding energy where it needs to go. This technique protects clients from “overcooking,” or getting more energy than is comfortable for them to integrate at one session.

So, you have options:

  • a private session just for you, $75
  • a shared session with another client, $55 for each of you.

Noetic Integration is privacy-friendly: you keep all your clothes on and I touch just a few times at the beginning of the session (and only in the green zones – back, shoulders, neck, and head). Most of the work is in your energy field. I recommend no recreational drugs or alcohol before the session, but that is up to you. Recreational drugs/alcohol could make the session less helpful, but if you can’t make it through a session without it, then come as you are.

red water lillies
Two can grow in the same sun and neither is diminished by the other.
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