Niko’s Biography

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Niko comes from a long line of energy workers. Aware of spirits and energy from an early age, Niko took his first energy healing class, Reiki, at age 9. During the subsequent nine years, he has demonstrated a confident and gentle mastery of energetic facilitation. He has been popular in Matrix Energetics healing circles and for Access Consciousness™ body processes and clearings.

In September 2010, Niko was ordained as a priest in the Order of Melchizedek. Not a conventional ministry, the ordination signified Niko’s recognition of the equality of all beings and their commitment to teach and heal in the daily course of his life.

Niko is a recent graduate of Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Engineering Physics and is currently in graduate school. He is active in supporting LGBTQ issues.

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Metaphysical Education

  • I AM Creator (now a part of Standing in the Light)
  • Matrix Energetics™, Levels I and II
  • Evolutionary Reiki, I, II, and III (Master)
  • Magnified Healing™
  • Animal Communication with Sue Hoppel of Colorado
  • Aspen Psychic Development certificates in the Psychic Arts, Medical Intuition, and Mediumship
  • Access Consciousness™ Bars, Energetic Synthesis of Being, Foundation, Levels I, II, and III and Body Processes (3-day)
  • International Academy of Consciousness‘ Consciousness Development Program modules 1-4
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