Are You an Experienced Lightworker?

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Plant lightworkers!

If you are a Lightworker called to contribute at this time, you may be established in your path and doing the work. But you may feel that you can reach higher, do more, and be better supported in your work. You could be feeling a bit depleted and weary. Here are some ways Karel can help.

(1)    A past life regression can help you call back into your life the energy, skills, and wisdom that you developed in a prior life. During the regression, you can visit lifetimes where you stood in your mastery. You can see what you did when you stood in your full power in another time and place. When your ego steps aside at the end of the session and you channel your higher self/soul, Karel can help you pull in additional energy, and ask that those skills and wisdom be brought forward to the current lifetime. She can ask questions for your higher self/soul to provide answers for you. It is amazing what you can do when Spirit is giving you advice about how to move, change, or redirect your practice. For more information, go here. To schedule a session, go here.

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(2)    A past life regression can also help you identify what is holding you back from stepping into your full mastery. You can identify specific circumstances in which you made vows which limit you now. There have been times when we’ve all said things like, “That ended badly; I’m never doing THAT again!” With that one vow, we’ve limited ourselves from stepping into our power, drawing attention to ourselves, receiving money for our work, speaking our truth, or stepping into our fullness as healers. With a regression, you can own this self-sabotage and clear it.

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(4)    No matter where you are in your process, Noetic Integration can help you. Channeled information indicates that Noetic Integration can help you in your transformation process. All the clearing that you’ve done can make emotional and intellectual progress, but still leave emotional scars in the form of trapped emotions in the body. Noetic Integration helps you integrate those lessons and release the trapped emotions. Noetic Integration can also strengthen your connection to your higher self and soul. For more information, go here. To schedule a session, go here.

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