Are you a budding Lightworker?


Have you chosen to walk the Lightworker path?
Have you chosen to walk the Lightworker path?

Many recognize that they have been called to awaken during this lifetime, and they are responding to the call. Yet they sometimes struggle with attaining their life’s purpose and wonder how to find the ease and flow they want on their life’s path. If you feel like you could use a boost, here’s some ways that Karel can help you.

(1)    If you feel stuck, but don’t know why, a  (QHHT) can help you. During the regression, you can visit lifetimes in which something happened which holds you back now. You can forgive yourself for your participation in the event and forgive others for their role in the event. That is a big help to begin with. Japanese garden lantern CWOften, clients are shown patterns that have been engaged over and over again – and show you that it’s time to stop. When your ego steps aside at the end of the session and you channel your higher self/soul, Karel can get additional information and request healing of the pattern or block. Recognizing the problem is often critical to releasing it and welcoming in the healing necessary to resolve or clear it. Regression is often a great way to do that. Some people do it once, to power through a troubling issue. Some people do it monthly, working steadily to move into the life they know they were meant to live. For more information, go here. To schedule a session, go here.

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(2)    No matter where you are in your process, Noetic Integration can help you. If you’ve been doing your own mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, but don’t feel like your transformation has been as strong as it should have been, Noetic Integration can help you integrate those advances in your energetic and physical bodies. It can awaken the body to new instructions and help you release some of the patterns and beliefs that hold you back. Each time you receive Noetic Integration, a thin layer of what doesn’t serve you is released. Their connection with their higher self/soul is stronger and intuitive senses often get stronger. Karel has seen clients make gentle, steady progress toward their life’s goal when Noetic Integration is a part of their self-improvement regimen. For more information, go here. To schedule a session, go here.




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