Spiritual Services

priesthoodsymbolKarel and Niko are ordained ministers in the Order of Melchizedek, a nontraditional, nondenominational spiritual ministry based in the Sanctuary of the Beloved in up-state New York. As ministers of this order, they believe in spiritual service in every-day life, serving through free will and individual expression. They believe in spirituality as a practical, purposeful way to live rather than an occasional practice. Energy healing and emotional healing through guided meditation are ways they can bring peace to others.

As a ordained ministers, Karel and Niko may legally perform weddings in Colorado. They prefer secular or spiritual-but-not-religious ceremonies. As supporters of the  LGBTQ+ community, they will happily provide these services for all couples and families. Share the love!

Karel is also available for funeral services and end-of-life assistance or one-on-one assistance on metaphysical matters and seeing your life in a spiritual perspective. There is no judgment here, just compassion. Sometimes, you need a spiritual warrior on your side!

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