The Mechanics of a Regression Session

  • When you visit Karel for a session, all communication is confidential. [For more on confidentiality requirements, click here.]
  • Be honest in your areas of concern.
  • Expect to chat with Karel for an hour or more, getting to know each other before the actual past life regression session begins. This gives you time to establish rapport and trust, as required for this type of work. The more information Karel has regarding your questions or issues, the more likely she will be able to ask the specific questions needed during the regression to get you the information you seek.
  • Just before you begin the actual regression, you’ll have an opportunity to use the bathroom. A “potty call” in the middle of the session is often the body’s response to such extreme relaxation, but it can be distracting. A bathroom stop before the session begins can help minimize this distraction.
  • Karel keeps a stock of blankets on hand so that you cover up. The extreme relaxation drops your blood pressure, which can make you feel chilled.
  • Usually, around two hours is spent actually reclined and in a trance state.
  • During the session, your intuitive and/or visual side of the brain will be engaged, and it may feel like watching a movie. For people who aren’t very visual, they may receive sensations or information another way. Karel will ask you to describe everything you see, hear, and feel so that she can best guide you with appropriate questions, directions, or suggestions.
  • After the session, you and Karel will spend about 30 minutes de-briefing the session.
  • Since you may not clearly recall all that is described by you during your past life regression session, Karel records it. The session recording will be emailed to you.
  • You may feel a bit spacey or ungrounded after the session. Clients are encouraged to drink lots of water, eat a snack, and/or do something physical after the session (take a walk) before driving.
  • To schedule a session, click here.
  • Sessions are conducted at Karel’s office (unless prior arrangements are made) in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, a suburb in the Denver metropolitan area.
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