QHHT (regression) Frequently Asked Questions

I want to look at past lives, but I’m afraid that I’ll be traumatized when I go through the death of my prior life.  Can you make that easier?

During the session, Karel gives calming and hypnotic suggestions that you will observe the scenes but not feel the associated trauma.

I don’t believe in past lives, or I’m not sure they really exist. Will past life regression work for me?

Yes, it can. Some clients just want to experiment and explore, and they’ve accessed their past lives. In some cases, where a client’s personal beliefs won’t accept the thought of reincarnation, past life regression sessions take the client to prior events in his/her current life. If a past life is accessed, the lives shown during the session can be considered metaphors which relate to the current life.

I think I’ve had contact with UFOs. Will this information be revealed during past life regression?

Maybe; the sessions are designed to help individuals find the information that is most appropriate for him/her. If a client has had encounters with UFOs and needs to understand the event, it might be presented during the session. On the other hand, if such knowledge would traumatize the individual, it might not be revealed, even if such an event had occurred.  You, the client, have the final control over what you visualize during a session, not Karel. If your subconscious or soul does not want you to review something, you won’t visualize it, no matter what prompts, questions, or suggestions Karel provides.

I think that I was Cleopatra, Mary Queen of Scots, Napoleon, Lord Byron, or another famous person in a previous life. Can I access that lifetime during the PLR?

It’s possible, but not probable. Most clients access lives which are not found in history books. Which of your past lives are accessed depends on what your soul thinks is important. The client’s soul controls the session and reveals what’s appropriate.

I am naturally drawn to ancient Egypt. Can I visit my Egyptian lifetime(s) during the session?

Sure, if that’s where your soul draws you in your session. Karel asks the soul to show the client the most appropriate lifetime during the session. Maybe you’ve been drawn to Egypt because you had a significant lifetime there, and this could be a lifetime visited during the session. But it may not. Instead, you may be shown lifetimes that are more urgent for your current situation.

I have a phobia. I don’t understand how I got it, but can you help me get rid of it?

Probably! Most phobias can be traced back to events in prior lifetimes that tagged onto this lifetime. Past life regression can return to the origin of the phobia (without fear), bring it forward for examination, and release it. After all, it might have been a reasonable fear in the past life, just not for this one.

I had an instant like/dislike for a specific person from the moment I first met her. Could this be something from a past life?

This is almost always the case. Past baggage doesn’t always get released. Even though you don’t recognize this person as someone you’ve known before in a prior life, a prior relationship can usually be found to explain the strong emotions felt in this life.

I’m really interested in talking to the Subconscious. Can we do that the whole time?

No. Usually, it takes a review of the past lives to deepen the trance in order to reach the Subconscious.

Can you guarantee that I’ll be able to access the Subconscious?

No. Not everyone is able to get deep enough into trance. More commonly, clients are unable to release their ego’s investment in the outcome. This can usually be overcome in a follow-up session.

How many sessions do clients usually have?

The number varies. Some clients come only for a single session. Others may come for two to four sessions, depending upon their needs, level of curiosity, and the number of issues they want to address. A few clients (usually those diagnosed with ADHD) have had difficulty attaining a trance state the first time, yet were able to achieve the proper trance depth in a subsequent session. Clients such as these sometimes require more than one session, and more than one technique, before all their goals were met.

May I bring my spouse or significant other with me to the session?

No. Your subconscious or soul may not want to discuss things with your spouse or significant other in the room, so your session may not be as productive. On the other hand, you could reach past lifetimes and learn that you and your partner have wronged each other in past lives or had contented lives with someone else. You may always choose to share your recording of the experience with your spouse/significant other after you know what it contains.

I have difficulty relaxing without a mixed drink or a little wine. Can I have a drink or two before the session?

This isn’t recommended because of the depressant effects alcohol can have.

I’m not a very visual person and have difficulty with guided visualizations or other internal, visual imaginings. Can I do a past life regression?

Many clients see the past life like a movie, in which they are the observer, an actor, or both at different times. Occasionally, clients present themselves as having difficulty with visualization. When Karel asks them to imagine something, such as a red bird, they struggle with seeing such an image in their mind or imagination. These clients are not as likely to “see” the past life like a movie. However, these clients can still have a past life regression. They will rely more on feelings, smells, sensations, and impressions. They often experience a “knowing” of what it all means. It’s a little different, but it still works.

Can past life regression be handled over the telephone or skype?

No. The regressionist must be nearby to monitor the comfort and physical condition of the client.

How do I schedule a session with Karel?

Her contact information and fee schedule are listed here.

I have a disability which makes it difficult for me to leave the house. Do you make house calls?

Yes. Call to make arrangements.


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