Accessing the “Subconscious”

In the true spirit of Dolores Cannon’s hypnotherapy technique (QHHT), at the end of a review of past lives, Karel can ask the client to put aside their ego and allow their “subconscious” to speak. The “subconscious” is a general term which can refer to the hidden part of a person’s mind or soul. What practitioners using Ms. Cannon’s technique have discovered, is that the level of wisdom accessed by each client can vary. Even though the subconscious is asked to come forward and speak, sometimes the wisdom accessed is much, much higher than that which the given individual should have access to. It is as if the “subconscious” brought in a more advanced friend to help answer questions beyond his/her experience.c3f822ee8e7150da4cf5c94ba01d62

Sometimes, at this point in the session, the Wisdom is then asked to identify itself. Answers have varied, and include things such as, “I am a part of the Source, individuated to come forward now, to answer you.” Or, “I am a member of the council who specializes in this area.” Sometimes a spirit guide will identify him/herself. Many times, the Wisdom refuses to identify itself by a specific title and answers that “subconscious” is as good a name as any other. The main point is to receive information from a higher source, not to spend time on a name.

Who or what energy is accessed at this time in the session depends generally upon the information sought and the spiritual awareness of the client.  Sometimes, the dialogue indicates that several different entities have answered as the “subconscious” in a single session, depending upon the question. This part of past life regression is still a bit of a mystery!

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