What leads to a good past life regression session?

  • First of all, relax! Past life regression cannot be forced; just lay back and relax and allow images or sensations to come to you.
  •  You may want to eat a light meal beforehand; do not eat a large meal or one that is likely to make you sleepy.
  •  Avoid alcohol or recreational drugs the 24 hours preceding a session.
  • Dress comfortably. You will be lying down/reclining for quite awhile, roughly two hours, in one position. Avoid clothes that are tight or bind.
  •  Although you don’t need to pass up your morning cup of coffee or tea, past life regression does require relaxation, so don’t go overboard on the caffeine!
  •  This isn’t the right day to take a diuretic! Although a long session may be paused for a bathroom break, it can be hard to maintain a deep trance when taking multiple bathroom breaks.
  •  Persons on antidepressants or psychotropic drugs may find that their experience more subdued, but not necessarily. Karel is not qualified to work with those who are unstable while on their medications. If medication is a concern, please contact her to discuss your personal situation.
  •  Think about your physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns and questions that you would like to address during the session. You may bring a list with you to the session, if you prefer. Whether you bring a list or not, Karel will discuss with you what you want from the session, what issues you would like to gain insight into, etc.

Come to the session with the following intentions:

  • be open-minded;
  • seek answers to your life’s challenges;
  • be willing to listen to the answers provided;
  • be willing to forgive those you perceive have wronged you;
  • be willing to forgive yourself for wrongs you have committed; and
  • choose to concentrate on creating your current life positively.


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