Past Life Regression Experiences

Each client learns different things about him/herself during a past life regression session. Factors such as what the client needs, level of spiritual awakening, and willingness to see the truth are probably the most significant factors in what comes forward to be examined during a session. Below, are a few samples of insight gained by clients during past life regression sessions.

An emerging energetic healer accessed: his spirit guides who expressed encouragement; a deceased grandmother who expressed love; and Spirit, who provided an energetic “download” of energy which could be drawn upon to advance his energetic healing practice to the “miracle level.”

  • A woman who had reflected about the dysfunctional patterns handed down from one generation to the next was told by her “subconscious” that the patterns were intended to show her how not to be, rather than as a guideline for living. Explaining that she did not learn the lesson very well so far, the client’s subconscious suggested methods to improve her functioning.
  • One client was concerned about her cat, who had seemed unhappy. During a conversation with her guides, the client was told that the cat needed a diet change and made some recommendations for improved nutrition. Her guides also explained that the cat missed the family dog which had passed away a few years prior. The dog was contacted spiritually, and he indicated that he was willing to reincarnate and return to the family. The client was given a precise date and location to find their new puppy. [For more information on how past life regression may assist your animals, click here.]
  • One woman who had a long-standing conflict with her parents visited multiple lifetimes which illustrated a long-entrenched conflict between them which spanned many lives. The principle players had each taken turns tormenting, hurting, and killing each other. Understanding the pattern, the client was able to at last forgive her parents, breaking the cycle of anger, distrust, and pain.
  • One emerging healer felt deep-seated fear of accepting her personal power. Past life regression took her to a lifetime eons ago when she worked with others to create a planet. She nurtured and loved the planet and its many occupants and was horrified when the planet reached its natural end and self-destructed. Releasing her undeserved guilt and fear helped her accept her personal power. The past life regression session served as a positive turning point in her life.
  • Over several sessions, one man saw a pattern emerge. Life after life illustrated the same difficulty he experienced in his current life. Between lives, he was taken to the Temple of Healing for assistance. In his final past life regression session, the lifetime patterns changed to illustrate the successful resolution of the issue; he was shown lives where this issue did not interfere. Finally, he was spontaneously progressed him to the future rather than the past. In the future, this client was shown that he had broken the pattern and successfully lived free of this concern.
  • During the session with the Subconscious, one woman received a “soul retrieval,” in which splinters of her soul that had left her during traumatic times returned to her. She reported feeling different, “more whole,” afterwards.
  • Numerous clients have received help removing fear and negative patterning in their lives.


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