How can Your Past Life Regression help your Companion Animals?

Although Karel does not perform past life regression on pets directly, as the “owner” or “companion” of the pets, you may act as its surrogate. During a client’s past life regression session, at the end when the client’s subconscious or higher level of wisdom is accessed, Karel may ask questions you’ve indicated on the pet’s behalf. Recommended areas include:

  •  health and nutrition;
  • conflict resolution;
  • past lives together;
  • trauma clearing; and
  • ways to enhance the pet’s happiness.

For pets/companions who’ve passed on, Karel may inquire about planned reincarnation of the animal in order to facilitate reunification in the animal’s next lifetime. A pet’s past life trauma may also be addressed.

Please note that this is a way to ask questions of a being or body of wisdom that has access to answers. It is not the same thing as a two-way conversation with the pet or direct animal communication. Your animal companions are part of your life to support mutual learning. Because the companion is an integral element of a human’s life, it maintains communication with the human soul as a part of the human’s experience. It is this communication link which is accessed during a past life regression session. It is not a substitute for professional veterinary care.

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