How can Past Life Regression help your children?

Most hypnotherapists do not recommend past life regression on children. It takes maturity to review a lifetime in which wrongs were committed and yet remain detached from blame when the session is over. Likewise, it takes maturity to watch yourself die in a prior life die without trauma. Even though Karel may provide suggestions to not feel the pain of death or feel the associated trauma, this could prove overwhelming to children.

A parent’s past life regression can help him or her understand his or her minor children. When the parent’s past life regression session reaches the phase where higher wisdom is accessed, advice for children can be requested. Sometimes the parent may access his or her own “subconscious,” and then request information regarding the child. Health issues may be addressed and suggestions made. In some sessions conducted by colleagues, the client asked for the child to be healed of his/her affliction. The Wisdom accessed explained that the impairment was the child’s choice of experience for the lifetime, and it could not be healed. So be aware of the strength of this communication tool with a child’s soul, but it has some limitations.

The parent may also ask the Wisdom about past lives he or she has had together with a (current) child or request advice or insight about raising the child. This technique is best used for children under the age of 13, but may work until the child is 17 or 18. It does not matter if the parent is biological or not. If the adult has taken on the parenting role, that is a decision agreed upon at the soul level, and the adult has a right to seek information on the child’s behalf. Once the parent’s responsibility for the child ends, the amount of information accessible by the parent is much less. More than once, the level of Wisdom accessed, has told the parent that it is none of their business to ask such questions for an adult child!

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